Monday, 29 September 2008

Fab Friday Challenge

Well, lost the original post that I thought I'd saved for the Fab Friday Challenge - another grrrr from me. These are the cards for the challenge. The title was:

Objects of Desire

This has been inspired through my new Uni course, we have to choose objects which we are drawn to, and explain what it is that draws us to them - and take elements from them to use in our work.

For these ATC's I have used leaves, as one of my objects are trees - but couldn't squeeze a full one a card.

I have experimented by embedding my leaf within ultra thick embossing powder. I wanted to preserve the fantastic colours - not sure if this will work, have to see what happens in time to my creation. I would have liked a little more time to play as I'm not completely satisfied, but 100 things to do and never the time (as usual).

You can of course use whatever you fancy - it will be really interesting to see what your "object" is and how you use it, it has been so interesting at Uni seeing and hearing what they are drawn to and why.

Sorry the pictures are late!! (hope I can get them loaded this time - or else the computers for it!).

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sharon said...

Hi Leonie
Great challenge as always!
My ATC is on my blog - I've combined with last weeks as I didn't get time to join in!