Friday 5 September 2008

Fab Friday Challenge

Phew, found the camera battery charger (it was in a safe place, not an obvious one though I'm afraid, under my stand-up mirror!!). Anyhow, I've managed to take photo's of this weeks challenge, which is:

Fibres and Fings

I've used Angelina fibres, mixed with felt and wire. You can use any type of fibres, in anyway - so have fun cutting up your old jeans, or stamping on a serviette.

For my ATC this week I used yellow, green and gold angelina fibres, just a thin layer, then added some dark green felt some of which I left quite thick. I folded over my angelina fibres so they trapped the felt, and then covered the sheet and went over quickly with the iron (always better to do a quick iron then you can check if the fibres have bonded. If you over-iron the fibres will loose some of their sheen). The felt, as it does not bond with the angelina, will be trapped, but not flatten, therefore producing an uneven and textured finish. I folded the sheet in to make a rectangle (of sorts), ironing the folds to bond the fibres.

Once I was happy with the shape I cut my ATC from a wire sheet. I ironed a sheet of angelina to the back of the wire, with the rectangle on the other side. Some of the fibres bonded, but to secure the rectangle properly I wrapped a few strands of the angelina from back to front, and ironed to bond.

I then cut a heart from a tighter knitted wire sheet, and pocked to holes in the top which I threaded a thin wire length through. I covered the heart with Versamark ink then covered with ultra thick embossing powder, three layers of clear then sprinkled a gold then a green Opulent Opals embossing powder and melted. As the heart is made of wire the powder goes through to the back, so both sides look really pretty (good for making Christmas Decorations). Keep adding powder and melting until you are happy with the look.

Using the wire lengths, tie the heart to the metal sheet, allowing it to stay raised. I then picked up the word "friend" from a piece of newspaper using the UTEE, and melting this to the corner of my ATC with a gentle heat gun, so not to burn the angelina fibres.

I hope you like it, if you have any queries drop me a line. Look forward to seeing your ATC's.



daisy said...

Fab ATC Leonie. I think the pictures took a long time to load because they are large files.

I always edit my photos first to reduce the pixel count, before loading them to blogger.

Give me a shout if you want to know more.

Luv daisy xxx

Anonymous said...

Great theme Leonie - love your ATC! I will try harder to take part this week! My excuse for last week is that the kids went back to school! What is ESK BTW? I've met those ladies too! x

Anonymous said...

Hey Leonie! I managed to make an ATC and it's on my blog! xx ;0) xx

sharon said...

Leonie your challenges always get me using things in my stash that I've not known what to do with before! So thank you! My ATC is on my blog.

daisy said...

Here is my Flowery Felt Fing ATC.