Thursday, 4 September 2008

Happy Birthday to me!!

Thank you to everyone who sent me a card. I had a lovely journey on the train home on Tuesday, opening all my cards. I wanted to show off to everyone on the train how many I'd got!! (I didn't though, promise). I also had a lovely Birthday. Kathryn, Andrew, Micheal, Nicky and me went out for the evening and had a tipple or two, then Sunday we went to the beach, which was lovely.

I wanted to take a photo of all my cards up around the house but I've put the battery charger for the camera in a really safe place. It's driving me nuts, haven't got a clue where the obvious, easy, under my nose, safe place is. And it's Nicky's camera, with a completely flat battery, so unusable!! Oops. What am I........answers on a post card (hand decorated of course).

Looks like tomorrows challenge will have to be scanned.

Whoohoooy, Nicky's just come back from the chippy, it's such a good local chippy (how lethal is that). Better go or he'll scoff the lot.......


gillyflower said...

a belated happy birthday and hope you find your charger soon
can't wait to see your cards

Fab said...

Happy Belated Birthday from me too, Leonie. I heard on Dawn's show how she made you work on your birthday....has she got no shame ? LOLOLOL Mind you I would make cards on my birthday too, just so that I can relax and everyone around me can do the house chores. I'll come to check your Birthday Cards' picccies... X Fab

Joy said...

Happy belated Birthday Leonie, glad you had a fab day!!!
Joy xxx

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a very happy belated birthday Leonie. Looking forward to watching you on QVC soon.
Wendy x