Friday, 5 September 2008

Not today..

am I going to load pics of my lovely Birthday cards, sorry, but has taken yonks to load the photo's for this weeks challenge - what's going on!!! Very annoying. I'll do it next week though.

I hope I will see some of you at the weekend. I am with Lindsay Mason and Michelle Saxon (just to name drop) at ESK in Eastbourne. I've printed off my directions and made a few ATC's ready to trade, so feel kinda organised (even ironed my trousers).

I have also organised dates for my first workshops in an age. The first ones will be in Dawn's new and posh studio (looking forward to it, not done a workshop there yet). I'm doing a ATC meet and greet in the morning, so a perfect time for people to come and trade, see other people's ATC collections, and I will bring ATC's that I have received - so plenty of idea's to be had. In the afternoon I'm doing an ATC card workshop, with techniques which are perfect for cardmaking as well of course. Got plenty of idea's, so now it's putting it all together.

On the Sunday I will be doing a card making workshop, again with techniques you can use for your ATC's!

Once I start Uni and get my term dates, I will be able to plan my workshops down South as well, to be held in Greenwich and Canterbury. All these plans......gulp.

I'll keep everyone posted.


Carolyn said...

Hi Leonie
Just wondering if you received my request email regarding aranging a possible book signing/ATC swap meet at Pickwell Farm, Southampton.
Please feel free to contact me on or 023 8040 3069, and hopefully with rubbish weather I'll be able to catch up with you ATC challenges.



Joanne said...

booked both last week and can't wait. got the phone call today about the change on Sunday and am even happier - if that's poss. CU there. xxx

daisy said...

Have a fabbie time.

Luv daisy xxx

Anonymous said...

Workshop in canterbury Fantastic
I can do Canterbury XXX

Hazel said...

Ohhh I like the sound of workshops in Greenwich, not far from me (nor is Canterbury). Glad I've found your blog.