Monday, 2 August 2010

Craft Club dates

I've booked the next batch of dates for the craft club, lets hope we manage not to have any interruptions!!

The dates booked are:

6th September
18th October
29th November

Now, the next one, on the 6th I am putting down a challenge! Any crafters coming along I want you to work on things for the MacMillan evening (more work than a challenge!). Now, this can be stuff to sell to raise money, tags for the buns, things to decorate the tables, the world is your oyster - put your thinking caps on!

Of course we will have the normal stamp swap, idea's from crafters, tea and buiscuits. I want to try and make some cards up to sell for the MacMillan event, so no chatting!! (Only joking).

Hope to see you another post........

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