Sunday, 16 October 2011

The final flag

The final flag, here we use colour tinted spackle with a stencil:

Again we started with a blank black flag, this time we used a glittery one though. We then used a plain cream card and colour tinted it with our Eco paints. We then used a stencil which we layed onto the cream card. Using spackle we added texture to our card. Before we did this we colour tinted the spackle. Spackle is a white paste, and you can colour it with paint, ink, re-inkers, mica powder etc. We took some of our eco paint and added it to our spackle. Mix it well and your paste will be the precise colour you need it. Using a spatula spread the spackle over the stencil. Take the stencil off gently and make sure you clean it with warm soapy water, along with the spatula so the spackle doesn't harden.

Allow the spackle to dry. It doesn't take long at all, especially when it isn't applied thickly.

Again, our papers are double sided, so we used the borders from one scrap to edge the top and bottom. We used a pair of those wonderful red shoes from another to add to the bottom and added glaze to make them shine:

As usual our frill was created using that fantastic spellbinders die.

To finish our final bunting flag we used one of the images from our 12x12 paper. This sheet is full of all these images, but a good variety so you have to pick the one you want. Simply cut it out and pop it on with glue gel.

And our wonderful dyed ribbon is again looped through with a nice crumpled ribbon to finish! And of course....the last bit has to be those black enamel accents (check those out on the web site:

Another project awaits!....

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CraftyGirl said...

Hi Leonie. The bunting looks fantastic. What brand are the papers?