Saturday, 6 November 2010


Having a brill time, spot any familiar faces?

It's a bunch of mates - said it before and I'll say it again, what a fab job I've got!

Been in the cake hall today. Cake. It's another world, really interesting as it is completely different, alot more international and alot of people with their own businesses. As usual, loads of stuff I want, nothing changes! Here's a pic of John and our very own queen of the cake, Nicola

This stand is the reason I now sound like a husky man - we did an awful lot of talking (noooo!).

So, it's been brilliant so far. Tonight we have had a great meal then played on the dodgems. It's just like real driving but no one asks for insurance details, miles more fun.

The gang.

It's been great seeing the crafters of course, always is. Do you know it's been a year since I joined c&c! Can't believe it, it's flown! Loving every minute. What a brilliant gang.

It's interesting going to the shows on many levels, including the goss! Now this is one that's been knocking around for some time which,up till now, I've choose to ignore because it's so incredibly ridiculous, but I think it's time I attempted to knock it on the head. Whoever has started the rumour about me leaving Qvc and Dawn as I was having an affair with Jj - sorry but come on, get real! How do people come to such conclusions, it's hilarious. Really, the talent for story telling is obvious, and a serious ability to use imagination, but stick to crafting.

Anyway, I have complete and utter respect for Dawn, so wouldn't treat her with such indignity. Nor would I have cheated on my own partner at the time, who quite frankly I have been through enough with without insulting him by having an affair, and do you think it's that easy to walk into a presenters job, as if I could just leave one tv channel and hop easily onto another, they're hardly ten to a penny. Whoever started this one really hasn't a clue. It's a classic, I think you need to stay away from solvent based products. I don't generally take any notice of the gossip, but it's been going on long enough. People get new jobs, and sadly marriages break down, there doesn't have to be a sordid story behind it - life just isn't that much of a soap opera, thank god. I know the majority of people who have heard this one will be able to work out it's a load of rubbish, so this message is aimed at the person who dreamt it up, news travels fast so I'm sure whoever you are will get the message. I know we all love abit of gossip, and thankfully I'm sure no one will have been hurt by this one as I think we all knew each other enough, and trusted each other, to know something like that just wouldn't have happened, but I felt it was time for me to stick my nose in!! I admit everything seemed to happen around the same time - but how on earth did you come to this conclusion. Brilliant! 2 and 2 really does make 85 for you doesn't it. I just got offered another job - how very boring eh.

I need to get some sleep, it's late again, rubbish, what happened to my early night!


Anonymous said...

good for you Leonie Jean x

jordiegirl said...

I hadn't heard of this rubbish idea going around. I don't know how you've managed to keep quiet about it for so long without having a rant at the idiot who started such an awful rumour. How sad are they? I'm sure any sane person would not believe it in any case.

Can't believe you have been at C&C for a year, the time has flown.

Looks like you are enjoying working there and you are certainly one of the gang.

Birdie said...

I can't believe that any sane person would have believed that garbage! Try and forget all about it now knowing that your friends and fans have! Take care and get yourself another fellah :) xxx

Wellington said...

How absolutely ridiculous! Some people really do live sad little lives when they have to come up with such utter rubbish as that.

Thanks for the pics Leonie - looks like everyone was having fun!

BarbaraG said...

There will always be small-minded people who love to start rumours and don't care who they hurt. No sane person would believe it,so don't give it another thought. Take care

Anonymous said...

I heard this rumour from 3 different people, 2 of which live in Burnley. It was some months ago. Sorry to hear it upset you so much.

Unknown said...

Hi leonie, take no notice, we all think you are a very brave and talented girl, there is no mallace or harm in you at all, it's a shame there aren't more people like you in the world, it would be a lot brighter place. Your co- presenters speak very highly of you. So take no notice of people who don't even know you, they are just very sad. Crafting should be FUN and you obviously enjoy your work, because your brilliant at it.

CAZZY said...

Hello Leonie,
I hadn`t heard any ridiculous rumor. People can be Sooo....wicked cant they.

I think you are Great! You are our Happy Bright and Sparlkly Smiley face on C & C. You always make me come out with the same sayings that i would say.
I did come and give you a hug at the NEC.
I was excited to see you were on this weeks Pick of the week again. We are in for a week of fun, fun fun.
Hope your Lickle Tickle! goes away soon....Big Hugs,
Carol x x

Joanne said...

well my ickle Leonie, I have just had the time to comment on this outragious tale and believe me, I haven't heard anything from these parts. However, if I do and find out who it was, I promise you, that person will totally regret having swallowed that vile pill. This disgusting nonsense made me cry. They obviously have not had the upmost, great pleasure of knowing you, unlike me.
Much luv and hugs.
Joanne xxxxx & Hubby xxxxxxx