Monday 8 November 2010

NEC - home again

Had such a good time, a massive thank you to everyone who visited us - and I'm so sorry for everyone I missed at the main stand. We were so busy on the cake stand, I didn't get over very often to see everyone else. Thank goodness for Nicola who demoed the Cricut Cake almost continuously, and did an fantastic job of answering questions and not sitting down, eating or taking loo breaks!! A true star, she should be on our screens I recon.

I loved meeting everyone, it's great, lots of new faces - but it's always good to see the familiar ones. Got to do a little bit of shopping in the crafts for Christmas bit - flew round. Didn't have a look at the food hall - really wanted to, sounded great.

Now I'm trying not to talk to anyone and actually rest my voice. I'm going to the doc's, so hopefully I'll finally get rid of this cough and stop sounding like a bloke (see dad, eventually I've listened to you!!).

I don't know how Steph is working this morning, I'm shattered! Got some crafting to do, but today I fancy chilling out as long as poss in my jammies.

Hope everyone who visited the NEC had a great time, did you all shop till your arms ached? If you missed out, then don't worry, I'm sure you'll see lots of pics and hear loads of news.

Righto, another medicinal cup of tea and a spot of honey xx


nikki said...

it was loveley to meet you hun i hope you have had a good rest i added some pics on facebook of us hope to speak again soon.
nicola walker xxx

The Taming of the Glue said...

Really wish I could have gone to NEC but spent all my pennies at Ally Pally!