Friday, 19 November 2010


Evening one and all, well it's the start if the weekend, hooray. For me its a day at work, but that's no hardship, smashing good fun. Can you believe last night I dreamt about pull bows! Dream interpreters out there, what does that mean? Wasn't doing anything weird with them, just wrapping.

Now then, we were supposed to be having our craft club not this Monday but next Monday, and unfortunately I'm not going to be here, so I'll make an executive decision to postpone it, I'll ring my hall lady and confirm the new date asap.

Also need to ask who would be interested in workshops in the Peterborough area, we're putting lots of plans together but want to start a list of people to invite when they get up and running. If you would to be one of the first to be invited (as spaces will be limited) then please email me to

They will start early in the new year, and keep watching this space as we have some very exciting news for more plans......oh what a tease! Xx

- Leonie

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