Friday 26 November 2010

Damn fine day!!

Okay, today's a good day (thank goodnesss for work to keep the ole spirits up!). Get my schedule:

working with my chum Nikki from Polkadoodles with her fabulous CD's but now STAMPS - haven't had a nosey in studio yet, can't wait to see them!!

The lovely Anthony, Mr. Princess Pinflair, is up next, with some beautiful new products - they're always good!

Then, my other very good friend Sarah Lawrence. I'm so so chuft Sarah is joining us, she's lovely and soooo talented. It's her first time here at C&C empire, so I really hope everyone gets those welcomming emails in.

And to end the day - talk about going out with a blast, we have got a world exclusive, can only get it here, and we are talking about the georgous Forever Friends!!! It's our pick of the week, it's bumper, and I recon it'll be a flyer.

That's a blinking good day I think you'll agree - better go and put the slap on then hadn't I.

Hope you can all tune in and keep out of the nasty chill.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

love the new forever friends rather aptly named they'll be around forever. Oh Leonie you make it rather obvious you fancy the pants off of ? cant think of his name (stop blushing) you oo & coo all over him just as you did the last & every other time your on with him awww bless. good luck gal get in there!!!!!