Tuesday, 2 November 2010

NEC here we come!

Well, it's almost upon us, the NEC, can't wait. I've been playing with the imagine (lucky monkey arnt I!). It's so easy to get used to, like the designs, but only have one cartridge, I want them all!! Yep, like it. We'll also have the cake, want that as well!

I suppose I will now have some space to fill my house with cook machines as my friends started on the first leg of their fantastic adventure to New Zealand (starts with a trip up north!). It'll be strange without a full house, enjoyed having them round, and Dylan was getting on really well with his brother (awww).

Dave and Dylan.

It'll be strange without little Juliette around as well. Funny having a little one around the place, emotional, but good.

Anyway, the craftings been a good diversion today, and has also helped to keep me away from my stupidly addictive game on my phone! It even tells me how many hours of my life I've wasted on it!

Righto, back to the sticking and inking.....hope to see lots of folk over the next few days in the flesh!x


Unknown said...

OMG - My dog is called Dylan but i wanted to call him Dave but my family wouldn't let me!!! How coincidental is that??? You are talking about the dogs aren't you when you say those names??? LOL

Lucky you having the Imagine - really enjoyed the shows, but my budget doesn't run to that im afraid, especially with being off sick :O(

Hope you enjoy it though and create for many years while collecting more cartridges!!!

Paula x x x

Paula x x x

jordiegirl said...

You are so lucky getting to play with all these fantastic craft tools. I can't afford to buy the Imagine either, will have to stick with my Wishblade for now which has been such a learning curve.

Hope you have a great time at the NEC.