Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Northern visit and the horrid Rhythm Station

Well, it's coming to the end of my trip up North - feels like I've been here ages. I came up to celebrate my chums 40th Birthday, our Helen. We had a great time, and it really started me thinking about what I want to do for my own. PARTY. Need to get my finger out now though don't I, or it'll all be stuff in my head as usual.

After the party we went to good old Rawtenstall. oooowww. By day it has some good shops still there, but by evening, urgh. We went to the Rhythm Station. What a pit. The doorman obviously had power issues. He took £5 from me to pay for my sis and our friend, then denied taking any cash from me! Obviously I protested, his dodgy side kick bird said I hadn't paid, and finally he got meat head to start throwing me out. What a prat. I was so angry. Blatant theft, but there was absolutely nothing I could do. So, the Rhythm Station, avoid it like the plague. Can you imagine how many people they rip off. Disgusting.

Needless to say, will not be going there again.

We went to see Toy Story 3, it was FAB. Loved it. Get this though, we were the only people in the cinema - me, my sis and her chap.....so we sat on the posh seats. The chap came in to move us, and told us we had to sit in the seats on our tickets! The whole cinema was empty!! How funny. Needless to say we didn't worry to much about sitting in the right seats, and I assured him if anyone came to sit in the seats we had taken we would move. Funnily enough it was okay. Isn't that funny. It was an excellent film though, we had a bit of a cry!

I also saw one of my old mates who I haven't seen in years. It was lovely. We chatted for hours. That's my new resolution, every time I come up I have to catch up with an old chums. It's just to easy to loose touch with people isn't it, so time to make amends.

I caught up on the family, got used to constant rain (actually, today it's lovely). And really really missed my doggies who I had to leave down in Canterbury with my mate Jenny. When I go back I have just a couple of days left to finish all the plans for the MacMillan evening. Getting even more nervous, really hope we have a good turn out. Quite scary isn't it. It'll be fun, whatever happens, as long as we raise lots of lovely cash, that's the main thing.

Righto, need to get some crafting done, ironing, packing, then back on the road for work tomorrow............crack on xx


Jane said...

Oh! Leonie...there are some right ol "Wotsits" (aren't I polite!!!) in the world...well done for staying restrained. Have a great day XX

Aurora said...

How dare they treat you like that...don't they know that your Leonie off the telly! lol. Good on you for remaining calm as they went on their power trip! Good luck with the Macmillan Coffee morning, I'm sure it'll be a great sucess.

The Taming of the Glue said...

My gran used to say that God doesn't pay debts with money so here's hoping the "doorman" gets what he's owed!!

jordiegirl said...

It's lovely to go back 'home' isn't it? I love going back to the North East and always visit old work colleagues and school friends. I hope that when we retire we can move back up there, trouble is my hubby is from here - Worcestershire - so I have to convince him to go! Think he owes me though cos I've lived here since 1986 to be with him - so give and take is in order I think!

Well done you being restained with the jobsworths - awful people taking your money then saying you hadn't paid.

Good luck with the Macmillan evening.