Wednesday, 29 September 2010

MacMillan Coffee and Crafting evening

Well we did it, thank you everyone who helped and came with cake and crafty goodies. I would have liked more people to come along, but we still did amazingly well - hooray. From the evening we made £409.20, we had £50 donated, and the craft club also contributed £140 - so the total raised was £599.20! Pretty good I recon. There's some raffle prizes left (we had such an amazing response there we would have been picking out tickets all night!!) - so I'm going to have a think of how to do it via my blog, and raffle the rest off for MacMillan as well.

It looked like a proper craft fair, which I was really happy with. We also had Olwen who is an image consultant, definitely someone I'll be seeing again!! And Natalie our hairdresser, who was really busy even doing hair cuts. The cakes were fantastic - and can you believe it, I had tooth ache so couldn't eat any!!! I was appalled. The timing is just wrong. All I could do was look on and drink my boring water. Oh well.

I'll share some photo's with you. So, it's tidy time. My car is still full of stuff that I need to find a home for again. Got ironing and packing to do again today. Also got my little Teela in the vets. She has a cough that keeps coming back, so she's having x-rays. Poor Dylan missed her awfully on the walk. He kept lying down to wait for her (he seemed to forget she didn't actually come with us - he must of thought she was making her own way there and meeting up with us! Awww, dog of little brain!). It made me sad. She'll get a good greeting when she gets home though.

Righto, lets get on with the boring jobs of the day. Again, thank you to everyone who helped, it was a lovely evening and we've had a request to do a Christmas Fair, so keep having a nosey at the blog for details.



Nicola said...

Wow Leonie!! Welldone, looks like a great time, shame i live soo far away, or else i'd have been there!!.

vee said...

Glad to hear the evening raised so much money-well done everyone who took part, my grand daughter enjoyed making her card with you and could'nt wait to tell her mum she'd made a card with the lady on the telly!!

Chris said...

I'd have been there too if it wasn't so far from Cheshire! You'll have to bring the remainder of your raffle prizes up north!

Great that you made so much money for a very worthy cause. Well done.

Chris said...

PS I hope your toothache has gone and your doggy is home and well.

Chris x

BarbaraG said...

Well done Leonie, that's a fabulous amount of money. Wish I could have been there. How about one "up north" next time
Love Barbara x