Sunday, 10 October 2010

Thought I'd pop a few photo's of some of the work I did when I did the demo the other week - sorry for the quality of the photos, and also for the typing that follows, my computer is on the blink and is refusing to do capitals. so annoying. i was chuft i actually remembered to take photo's, and then actually remember to put them on here. hooray. it was of course, messy, inky and fab. lots of distress inks, and some fantastic stamps. had a play with grunge paper as well, which was great.

had a great day today, been out with my friend Karen for lunch, then came home and watched the rest of Barbara greys show that i missed earlier today. she's just fantastic isn't she, and such a brilliant person. love talented people who are down to earth and normal, and funny. it made me laugh when she stamped a beautiful frame then folded it to bin it - steph almost had kittens. i completely related to steph. anyhow, if you missed it make sure you tune into the clarity shows, they are on once a month - always Sundays, which is completely unfair as I'll never get to work with her - least i get to watch though. anyhow, need a mega early night as my brain has shrunk to a slight pea shaped dried out prune.

hope all's well with everyone, ooow, remember to get voting on the crafts beautiful web site, it's craft award time again and i keep forgetting to tell everyone on the box. get your votes in.


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jordiegirl said...

Great to see a post from you again.

Lovely work.

I enjoy watching you present on C&C.