Thursday, 14 October 2010

Tickles and the like

Hats off to the wonderful Wendy who stepped in not only to guest but also present the show today! poor Wendy, she was saying she was abit nervous, and then I go and have a coughing fit and leave her standing there. She did a brill job, and I really really loved her stamps as well. Haven't put my order in yet, but I want them all, so need to get sorted (bet I'm to late with the first set, they will have definitely sold out). I am lucky to have all Jaynes Adorables. What fantastic designs. It's been a cracking day all in all, apart from the coughs and splutters of course.

Now then, to all craft club members, I have sent an email, but just in case you haven't recieved it, I am not going to be able to make Monday - and my right hand lady Lesley is also unavailable. If anyone would like to be responsible for opening and locking up, and taking the cash then please let me know - otherwise I will have to cancel this one (should be on Monday). I have my sister and friends visiting from up North - and I can't drag them along!! It would be chaotic.

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ginny c said...

poor old you leonie i was watching and felt sorry for you, i bet if i was a presenter it would be hot flushes tlak about embarassing when i have one of them it like i just got out of the shower not a good look, enjoy seeing you on c&c and love to read your blog all the best ginny