Tuesday, 7 September 2010

MacMillan Coffee and Crafting evening

Thank you to all the ladies from our crafting club who came along last night, we now have volunteers and loads of excellent ideas. It's all taking shape and I'm really excited. Need to start the begging emails for freebies for the raffle now!!

Off to do a poster and leaflet drop........not in my car I hasten to add, just found out I've no MOT, ooops. Wonder when that little monster ran out - only realised when I tried to renew my Tax. Whoops. She's booked in tomoz, so I'm being good and actually sorting it out.

Right, dropping we go.

1 comment:

Bev said...

Wish I could make it to the event, but you know you can put me down for something for the raffle :)
Bev x