Thursday 2 February 2012

Thursday brings good stuff!!

So this morning I got up, half asleep, walked the dogs and realised I had a hour spare!! An hour! Crazy lady. So, swept leaves, chopped weeds, steamed kitchen then obviously, late for work....duh.

Anyhow, I'm here, and what a good day already. The green rooms like a social gathering! Carley is on air and our mate Alex is in the green room - we're going seeing florence and the machine, so squeals a plenty there. Wendy was there, the lovely alpaca ladies (always dressed in beautiful clothes, obviously!). And of course Hels Sheridan. Now me and Hels are on at 11 and I can't wait. I love her work, and of course all the beautiful stamps and bits and bobs. I'll share some of Hels samples here in a mo.

The rest of the day looks like this:
1 - 4 day deal
5pm - 4 day deal
6pm - pick of the week

Okay, as promised:

Arnt they beautiful. And then of course, our Martyn and Carley

- thank you for popping along and having a read, Leonie


Unknown said...

Hi Leonie
Watching you and Hels at the moment her creations and techniques are amazing thanks for sharing these gorgeous pic's.
I do enjoy watching when your on C&C you're my fav presenter you are such a natural and genuine person (a friend to everyone)
WOW!! you got lots of house chores done this morning :) can you please send me some off your energy :) across the "big pond" to N Ireland
Hugs Sarah x

jordiegirl said...

You got a lot of housework done in an hour Leonie - that would have taken me at least 2 hours!!!!!

Lou Sims said...

Housework . . . a necessary evil n my mind and one not to be rushed at !! Have recorded Hels shows as love her techniques as a big fan of messy crafting.


carley duff creations said...

Love the pic ,xx

Hels Sheridan said...

It was a grand show indeedily Leonie, thanks for being so lovely... hope you having a good weekend xx