Thursday, 26 June 2008

Twisted Pyramid

Mmmm, I think I feel like a twisted pyramid!! We had a massive house hunt yesterday (tricky, there are so few properties on the market for rent!), but we managed to find a house we both liked, filled in the forms and put some money down. Everything was tickity boo, until this afternoon when the Estate Agent rings to say the owner has agreed to rent it privately instead! What a cheek. And how annoying. This means we now have to spend the weekend house hunting instead of going having a surprise meal with my grandparents to celebrate their Diamond Wedding Anniversary. We're so disappointed. Anyone want to rent their house? Or alternatively has anyone got lots of spare land that I can pop on a couple of log cabins, grow my own veg, have a little forested area, a pond, chickens, bee''s the latest dream. Wouldn't it be great. I could have craft workshops in one of the log cabins, feed you with my home made honey and sell you some spuds!!

Well on the twisted front, I have been making cards for next week (full week of crafting on QVC - oh yes every day!). I don't think it's a secret that I'm not over keen on doing decoupage - all the cutting out drives me abit mad. How lucky am I that there's plenty of decoupage on then eh!! My scissors were creating sparks with the mad snipping. This time however, I've been able to play with the Twisted Pyramid decoupage, which is a little different (not as fiddly either). Thought I would share a few cards with you.

If you have never tried to do a Twisted Pyramid before (it was my first time as well), it's really easy. As with normal decoupage you are cutting your pieces starting with the largest and working your way down to the smallest. With the pyramid these are squares (I'm sure there are different shapes out there but mine were just squares). Great, makes it easier to cut. All you do it layer them, using 3D foam or silicone glue, allowing them to twist slightly, so the image is placed to correspond directly with the image on the first and larger square:

This is the first two squares, I hope you can see how the squares are not stacked directly on top of each other, but twisted slightly.


daisy said...

Brilliant cards Leonie xx

K J D said...

Hi Leonie

Sorry to hear about your house hunting hassles....hopefully you'll find something really nice this weekend. Fingers crossed.

No room in our garden for a log cabin, sorry!

I like the twisted pyramids you've been working on, I'm a fan of the art deco style. I am not into fiddly cutting either!

Have a good weekend....

Love Karen

K J D said...

Hi Leonie

Me again! The style reminded me of Rennie Macintosh - which I think is Arts and Craft not Art Deco... which I think was later... either way I like the style!


caroline said...

wasnt so sure when i first saw oblongs but really like the 'twisted' look..bit like a camera lens..bootiful

leonie...become a fellow allotmenteer till you get that house with all the land..hard work but the fruits of the labour well worth it...also my gals produce the best eggs going!!

Dawn Wheeler said...

Wow how fabulous are these cards Leonie ,brilliant effect ,thanks for sharing ,Dawnx

caroline said...

mentioned you to a friend,she knows of a flat on the outskirts of london...with alottments near by!!!will try to email you her email addy if youd like info on it..good luck x

Anonymous said...

OOOhhhhhhhh! These look gorgeous,and to think I nearly bought some other pyramage papers today ,so glad I didnt,I must keep a close watch on qvc this week!!
My daughter in Australia is looking to create a sustainable eco community where she lives ,you sound as if you would fit in well! good luck with the house hunting love Sandra xx

Debbie said...

Oh these are absolutely gorgeous - I hate decoupage as I end up chopping bits off I shouldn't but this kit and the style really appeals to me...

Excellent samples Leonie

Leonie pujol said...

I'm glad you all liked the cards, they are definately less fiddley than regular decoupage.

On a non-crafty note, I would love an allotment, it would be great. My Grandad used to have one, think thats where the interest comes from. And Sandra what your daughter is doing sounds brilliant, completely up my street, would love to know how she progresses with it.