Friday, 30 October 2009

Workshop projects and new date

After a costly visit to the vets today I let Teela have a nosey round the shelves to pick her treat (that's the benefit of having your vet in Pets at Home!). She was so cute - first time she's been in there. I should have taken her round that bit first, maybe then she wouldn't have shed hair everywhere and barked at nothing!

Anyhow, I bought them a bone each. An hour passed and I heard Dylan scratching around upstairs. The guilt was written all over his face (guilty dogs are ace arn't they). Nipped in the bathroom and he had cunningly hid the bone under the bath mat - I don't know how I spotted it!

Dog with a very little brain!!

Anyhow, our last workshop went particularly well - really good fun. We now have more dates. The first is in Wincheap, Canterbury next week on the 7th November, the one after that will be on the 14th in Harlow (see details on the right hand side). I've ordered some lovely bits again - love buying stuff for workshops.

In the last couple of workshops two of the cards we used I have featured here: firstly a Christmas card using a gorgeous Snowbaby stamp by our wonderful Lindsay Mason. We made the card from punched circles, some made from the wonderful whitewash cardstock, then added snowflake peel-offs to finish the card.

For the second card I'm going to share here we did some blending with Distress Inks, and stamping. A cracking tree stamp made the perfect focal image - and the top of the tree also makes a fantastic border. We used a white gel pen to emphasise some of the swirls. If you ink the stamp using two colours of Distress Ink, then Spritz a little water directly onto the stamp it helps to blend the colours, and also enables you to drag out the ink at the base of the trunk to create the ground after stamping (if you catch the ink before it dries). Looks effective, and saves ink! I also picked up the ink still remaining on the stamp to add extra colour to extend my ground (if required). These are the kind of "cutting corners" tips I will be sharing with you - and asking you to send in, in our new blog.

The stamp looks fantastic used with metal flakes. Stamp your image once with Distress Ink, then clean your stamp and sponge glue onto the stamp. Stamp over the top of your first image. Some of the glue will still be wet, and the flakes will stick to this part - I like this technique as you don't get a perfect coverage of flakes, so it adds to the distress look.

I have 3 of the tree stamps priced £8.60, and 4 of the Snowbaby Stamps £8.55, left to sell. If you would like to purchase either stamp, or both, add a message to this posting - it will be on a first come first served basis. I'll only add 75p per stamp for the postage


sharon said...

I'd love to see you do all these inky and stamping techniques on C&C. This is where I have a lot to learn! The tree card is stunning! x

Anonymous said...

Love these Leonie. I have the Snowbaby stamp and love it. I might have a play with circles later! The Tree looks lovely too. Take care. Love S xx

Fenpeper said...

Hi, Leonie,

Have just discovered your blog. Love the swirly tree stamp and would love to purchase one. Did you want to email to with details? Am away for the rest of today but will be back tomorrow. Really looking forward to seeing you on C&C.

Helen's cards blog said...

The tree is stunning, really like those effects at the moment.
Is the stamp wood mounted?.

Best wishes for your c&c debut.


Leonie pujol said...

Hi gang, more inking, I'll most definitely see what I can do. I have dropped you a line about the stamp Helen (Fenpaper), and it is indeed wood mounted (and rather scrummy).

Turnidus said...

Hi Leonie

Firstly, congratulations on your C&C news - can't wait to see you on there.

Love what you have done with the tree stamp, I love all the distress/Tim Holtz type of crafting. Do you have any of the tree stamps left as I would love one? My email is

Nicky xx

Joy said...

Oh that bath mat and accompanying quote did make me chuckle. Funny how those things are do amusing. Congrats on the new job. x

Tracy said...

A new blog? What a great idea Hon :O) if you have a tree stamp going I would love one please. Having used at the Workshop in Harlow I was impressed with how wonderful it is to make a stunning card with just that image. My email is Looking forward to seeing more of you in your new Job,
Hugs Tracy xx

Trace Dee said...

hi Leoni have you any of the tree stamps left as i have just come across your blog and love it


Anonymous said...

Hi, long time after this post but do you happen to still have tree stamps? Or the name so I can try hunt one down..

Also, actually got here because I was looking for the name of the swirly stamp you use in one of your youtube tutorials (large background stamp, I think you may havenused it herentoo around the edges?) Can you,post the name of it please?

Thanks Loren