Friday 23 July 2010

Craft Club

The next club is going ahead (hooray). It's this Monday as planned (well, I have tried to ring to confirm, but no reply, so I presume alls well). We will meet at Jubilee Hall at 7.30. I haven't been able to prep any demonstrations as such, so it will be a normal club night. If you haven't attended a normal evening, then the theory is we come along, if you have things you want to share, stuff you don't know how to use, things you have bought and can't get inspired by, or just cool stuff you've made to show the group - then bring them along. Hopefully we will be able to share ideas, maybe do some crafting and have a great chat. It's the same price (£3), and this goes towards the rent of the room, refreshments and hopefully, when we have enough funds in the pot, we will be able to get a demonstrator in - or all go to a crafty show with the proceeds!! wow.

Anyway, I do hope to see some friendly faces, and will hopefully be able to bring along my friend Jenny who is also a crafty type and will be getting stuck in.

See you on Monday.


lesleyanne said...

great i'm not working so see you monday xx

Mrs Mac said...

wish I lived nearer! Why did I ever move from Kent to Essex??!!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed the meeting as this post has only just shown up here dont know why as I check it daily. I do have two of your stamps so will get them back to you asap .