Monday, 28 March 2011

Paper Clinic - Create and Craft

Wow, need to go to bed! Paper Clinic tomoz, just a quick heads up as to who's questions we are hoping to answer - so if it's you tune in!

Pat Tyler, Gloucester - Aperture Cards,
Denyse from Derby - Sealing Wax
Sorry no name - scoring card
Stephanie - Grand Calibur
Jackie - Grand Calibur
Vonnie - GC
Heather - GC
Dorothy - Cuttlebug
Sorry no name - MCS cd's
Elaine - MCS
Claire - Scrapbooking
Jacqui - Scrapbooking
Yvonne - Delicate items to stick
Lorraine from Ayrshire - scroing card
Sonia Kimm - Glass cutting matt

Hopefully we'll get through everything and a little bit more. Keep your questions coming in to us - we need questions to make the show! the addy you need to email in to is:

Seeya tomorrow xx


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me know that you are answering my question x x

Anonymous said...

Not stalking you honest, but when are you going to do a fashion blog. I love the purple cardie you wore today and a sparkly black jumper you wore a few weeks ago. Best dressed crafter award!

Linda Simpson said...

Hi Leonie, Are you planning to do a road trip up North, as I am sure you will get plenty of us wanting to experience some workshops with yourself and the rest of your crafting crew.

Love Linda xx

Mrs Mac said...

I love Paper Clinic. I'm usually too busy to watch live, so I record it!!!

You had me in fits last week- I dodn't think 'gits' was swearing, either! And I have ALWAYS thought that those Boots cards weren't secure! They should need a PIN to access the points on them!

jordiegirl said...

Hi Leonie

Love the Paper Clinic which I also record as I have to go off to work in the middle of it.

Hadn't realised Steph had left C&C, just thought she was on holiday or off sick - when did she go? They never seem to make an announcement of anyone leaving! So was surprised to see her pop up as a guest on Saturday. Loved your comment about it being strange you having to speak first - does that make you Senior Craft Present now I wonder!