Wednesday, 14 August 2013


So, you may have noticed I'm a bit rubbish with this blogging malarky...soz :) however lots of folk have design teams for their blogs and web I've decided not to have a team, but each month (hopefully...probably build up to that) ill have a "designer spotlight" spot!! 

If you are interested please pop a picture of your work either on here, fb or twitter - or give me a link to an album etc you may already have set up, plus a way i can contact you. I know there's lots of amazingly talented folk out there, so I know it'll be hard to pick only one a month - but we'll see how it goes.

Thank you ladies and gentlemen, I can't wait to hear from you :)



Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie - sounds great having a guest designer slot ! My blog is, for some reason I cant upload a photo to your facebook or here of my work. Would love for you to take a peek to see if I am worthy of a spot. Elaine xx

Minnie Muse said...

Hi Leoni, that sounds like a good plan to me, I know you're aware of some my work, it would be lovely to have a slot at sometime on your blog, I'd consider it a real honour.
Karen "The Clock Lady" xx

Carol said...

Hi Leonie! Sounds like a fab idea Hun. You're welcome to browse my blog anytime. Hope to be considered by you at some stage. Lotsa luv, hugs xxxx

Fiona MacLachlan-Morris said...

Hi Leonie, some of my work is over on my blog, including the complete story of my last project from start to finish - with pictures. It's over here:

Linda Simpson said...

Morning Leonie, what a fabulous idea, my blog is and I would be chuffed to bits if you could pop over and visit my blog. I have rather an eclectic style of crafting so there is a lot of different styles and techniques. Have a wonderful day, see you later on C & C.

Linda xxxx

Denise said...

Hi Leonie - sounds like a plan.Here is my blog link, if you'd like to pop over and there is lots of crafty stuff on my facebook page too.Hugs Denise x

Hazel said...

Sounds like a plan - My blog is here and I run a couple of Christmas challenge blogs - links are at the top of my blog. x

jinksyju said...
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Jassy said...

Hi Leoni, Happy searching! I keep my blog reasonably up to date, and enjoy trying out new techniques many inspired by yourself. Here's a link to a recent part of my blog but there's loads more if you have all day lol. xxx

jinksyju said...

Hi Leonie

What a brilliant idea! Love watching you on C&C because you are so interested what is going on and have lovely ideas yourself!
My blog is:

Hope you have time for a peep....

DeBe said...

Hi Leonie, I would love you to visit my blog and consider me for a "Spot". It is probably worth scrolling down a bit, as my work with sprays and stencils is further back now! My style varies according to how I feel lol! Denyse

Angela Dodson said...

Hi Leonie

what a wonderful idea

you can find me on facebook and on pinterest as "pollypurplehorse"


DeBe said...

Just checked my blog and stuff you might like is at

Lizzy said...

How lovely! What an opportunity for someone every month. My blog is happy searching x

Cumbrianlass said...

Hi Leoni, that is such a fabulous idea, and would love to be featured on your blog. sorry unable to post a picture of my card on here but this is my blog

Unknown said...

Hi there my lovely. Here's my link thing to my blog.> Would love u to take a look! Hope u find loads of Fab creative peeps to showcase!
Crafty hugs.
Sez x

crafty-stamper said...

Sounds a great idea would love the chance
blog is
carol x

MRS DUCK said...

Hi Leonie
What a fab opportunity. Im up for it! Not sure that you can upload a pic onto someone else's blog. . . . . Or if you can, its beyond me!
You can click on my name to get to my blog or its
If Im lucky, leave me a comment and I will contact you straightaway.
Fingers and everything else crossed!
Ang x

Katielouise said...

Hi Leonie
I can understand you are a busy person especially with your online shop and work at c&c to do too.
I look forward to seeing your guest designer slots in future. I know I'm not good enough for that as I'm not very imaginative and still consider myself starting out.

I'd just like to thank you for your swift processing and delivery of the stuff I ordered off your shop online. I'm very happy with them. I love your stamp range one of which i bought .
Will you sell your CDROM of art work on there as I've recently begun to like printing out things to make cards with from CDRoms. I missed out when it was on c&c due to lack of funds!

Please let me know if you will be at the NEC in Birmingham in November ( 7-10th I'm going on the friday the 8th hopefully) and I'd love to meet you again.

Best wishes from Katie-Louise sweetlove

Handmade By Deborah said...

Hi Leonie - what a wonderful opportunity, thank you. I started my blog earlier this year and post once a week - I hope you can find something worth showing in your Designer Spotlight at


Helen said...

Hi Leonie, hope you're ok, here's my entry :) this is my little blog, you're more than welcome to have a peek! :)

Paula Whittaker said...

Hi Leonie - would love to be considered my blog addy is:
Paula x

CraftingMum said...

Hi Leonie, I would love to be considered, I have only been blogging for a few months and I am still trying to get my head around blog land, but I am trying to post regularly, love watching you on c&c. Louise x

Melissa Lawrence said...

Many thanks for this opportunity, Leonie. I've been blogging as a writer for quite a while but my craft blog is relatively new. Most posts so far are digital scrapbook pages using Serif. My blog address is or you can contact me via my website which is http://
Melissa x

Anne Chilvers said...

Hi Leonie, I wonder if you would consider me please ? I am getting back into blogging, and I also have a website with pictures of my cards and a few other things I've made, the later pages show my recent makes. The link for my blog is and website is, and also on my FB page you can see quite a few of my cards. My email is I'd love to have a go, thanks :o) Anne x