Monday, 29 October 2007

Just a quick line or two........

I thought I would pop on and write a line or two as it has been some time since I have updated my blog.

Many of you will probably have heard the sad news of JJ's loss, which meant J and Dawn had to go South Africa suddenly. We have all been trying to rally round to help in anyway possible, and our thoughts are with J and his family. I know tomorrow will be another long day for them both and hope it passes quickly.

We have been getting ready for Portugal, which has come round so quickly. Where does time go? I say we have been getting ready, I have still to do my samples!! No panic - I have two days to work on those (gulp).

I have added a few more wonderful ATC's on the Flickr from the club members (keep up the good work). As usual I have seen loads of brilliant work of late, it's really inspirational.

I'll pop back on with after Portugal.

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Kaz said...

aaw I hope JJ is ok, best wishes to him and Dawn. enjoy portugal too, and good luck with the samples!