Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Back Home

We're back after our successful trip to Portugal. It went brilliantly. It was hard work, with some extremely long days, but I really enjoyed it and met some wonderful people. I hope everyone who went enjoyed themselves and came away feeling inspired. I slept for 12 hours Sunday evening to recover!! Fantastic.

A massive thank you to all the people who went. It was great to catch up with everyone from Topaz, the team back together again, awwww. It was also great to see Joey again, and also to work and have fun with Carley, Paula, Jackie, Alli and Jenny who joined our little team this year. It was also great to be joined by Jules from Xyron, Dave from Fiskars and of course Sara from HOTP, who are all lovely. If you ever see Paula at any crafty do's ask her to give you a demonstration of her Spanish dancing - brilliant, she really cheered us all up when we were a little frazzled.

Anyway, I could babble on for ages about it, but I do want to share a few cards I made for the trip. I will put a couple on here with instructions, then the others on Flickr. Hello to any of the ladies who joined us in Portugal - I hope you all got home safely and have fully recovered!

1 comment:

carley duff creations said...

so great to be home too
miss our antics and fun, still catching up on sleep, but it was totally amazing.
love carley