Tuesday 29 April 2008

Oooops day

Thought I'd share my recent ooopsus with you, yesterday another lot of shelves in my craft room gave way (think I'm on the third lot now - it's not overloading, its weak walls!). What a sickner, so much stuff on the floor I couldn't get into my room. Oh hum.

Anyway, that was yesterday, today at QVC Dawn and JJ came in and I sent them to the wrong studio (the one we were in was nice and convenient for the enterance, the one I sent them too was the one down the corridor up the lift.......you get the drift!!), then managed to trip over and break not one but two light boxes!!! Can anyone out there beat that?

Now on a completely "uncrafty and unrelated to anything subject", who watches that program where they go into haunted places every week? Sorry, the name has escaped me. Now I've only watched one or two episodes, but they all went in this spooky castle, had a camera with night vision on, did a lot of screaming, felt abit cold, did some more screaming, made the camera go wobbly then came out.......all present and correct with no ghost in sight. From what I can gather they do this every week. I could do that!!!! Whoever thought of that idea's cracked it - you don't even need to go in a different location cos it's all dark. I would even get Nicky to run round in a white sheet to get more ratings. haha, only teasing. But the concept of it does make me giggle. Sorry if your a massive fan of the program, I'm not having a go at you at all, but has anyone ever seen a ghost or spirit yet - or do they just need to stick the heating and the lights on? I know our Jane and Jen used to love it, but it just makes me laugh. What do you think - is it fully of strange castles and creepy ghosts, or weird people and creepy hosts?

Well, that's my thought of the day!! Anyone think I've been working with adhesive for to long?

Well, better get on with some ATC trades hadn't I, Dawn brought down another carrier bag full (definately not grumbling about that though, had a peek and there are some lovely cards).

Loving the Fab Friday enteries so far, keep up the great work.


Kaz said...

lol@ sending Dawn and JJ on a mystery tour.....
I agree about Most Haunted (that's what it's called)-it's terrible, and Yvette Fielding just screams at the drop of a pin, they all hear each other breating and moving and scream, something drops and they scream, then they go to a graveyard at midnight and wonder why it's spooky. you know if ghosts were real would they only come out at night? and if so why?? why not midday? oooo i'm on a roll now...lol oh and it's always the ghost of someone with a uniform on, military or a nurse. get a new story!! ok i'll go now. loved your post. :)

Anonymous said...

...otherwise known as the accident waiting to happen !!
While you were sorting out your demolished shelving(probably at precisely the same moment?)I was having my own "ooopsus"...... Knocked down a very neatly organised and sorted plastic box containing approx 1000 (that's what it said on the box!!) small paper shapes (Squares.ovals,hearts, frames, circles.... getting the idea??!!!). Smashing said box and scattering contents on floor along with a memo block full of loose memos and a box containing 100's of biros. I have this "thing" about pens...... everywhere I visit I have to buy a pen ??? (Nutter or what? are there any other 'pen nerds' out there ?!!)..... is this coincidence spooky enough for you !!...Ha Ha !....... I have in the past seen the same or similar programme on tele, with Yvette somebody or other in it ?.... and I have never seen a ghost or ghoulie either...... all supposed to be good viewing........ personally I'd rather watch QVC !!!Roll on 'Craft Day' next week !!!!
Love Mary xx

caroline said...

i just know the programme your talking about,it used to be called 'most haunted' not sure(as dont watch it)if it changed its name after derek acron(sp) left,but yes its quite a money spinner for the family that does it.
maybe you should get nicky to do it and video him for 'you tube' or the luck you have..youve been framed !!lol...(you could pass of the camera shaking in your fits of laughter...as fright!!)

Debbie said...

Leonie I know exactly what you mean - can't stand that show... I cringe at it, roll my eyes and change the channel... sounds like you have been having fun breaking things! Sure it is weak walls and not a ghost in your house - maybe you should get Nick to set up a night vision camera! :)

Leonie pujol said...

haha, glad your all entering into the spirit of it - bum bum!! (sorry!!).
Maybe though I should stop laughing as my craft room might be haunted. Typical, a ghost messier than me - why couldn't I get a ghost who wanted to tidy up instead, that would be great.

sharon said...

I was cracking up reading your post Leonie and the comments people have made!
That Derek bloke did a show in our town a couple of years ago and he took his trousers in to my Phil's shop to be dry cleaned! That's our claim to fame! I know exactly what you mean about that programme though!
We had a whoops in Felixstowe this week! A giant WW2 bomb was found on the beach by the people working on the flood defences. The seafront had to be evacuated but when the Navy towed the bomb out to sea it broke off their chains and was 'temporaraly misplaced' 2 miles off the coast for 5 days! Whoops!
Anyway they finally found it and blew it up - thank goodness!
I'm looking forward to craft day like Mary! - Phil installed freeview in the bedroom last night - Yipeee!!!!!!
Love Sharon

Unknown said...

We just sit and laugh all the way through Most Haunted. I'd love to see a wide shot to see what the crew really do!