Tuesday 16 February 2010

Pancake day

Had to buy cheating pancakes, they just weren't the same - good job otherwise I would have eaten the whole packet.

Whacked today. Left home at 4am to get to work, and got home about 8pm - I'd forgotton I had an appointment when I said yes to the extra day - so it meant I had to miss the craft club - pooooooooooo. Really disappointed, Jane had loads of bits and bobs to play with, it looked great. I can't be selfish and just organise it round me I suppose, wanted to though. Next time (plate spinning and juggling - haha that's not the state of my head, but what Jane's promised to teach us!!).

Had a good day today, the last two hours seemed abit mad - think my brain was abit mushy - but had a good un all the same.

Back to work on Thursday, but I've brought home some home work, so hopefully get some crafting done tomorrow - fingers crossed. Poo, just remembered I've left my pro-markers at work, how annoyings that!

Righto, I'm off to bed, ttfn xxx


Rouge Noir said...

arrrgh! they don't put pancake day on the aussie calendar so we missed it, oh well belated pancakes tomorrow!

CraftyLin said...

I agree Leonie - bought pancakes are the pits. I put some in front of hubby last evening and he said - Humph - not like mother makes! Oh well can't win em all.
Loved the shows you did yesterday - you do brighten my crafting day
Take care

Joanne said...

Oh! I forgot pancake day, boo! I was too busy enjoying myself at a Suze Weinberg workshop. How's tricks chuck? xxx

Anonymous said...

Leonie my computer has died and sadly so your e-mail has gone - will you c-mail me again so i have the address to reply too.

SDCrafts said...

We failed again - no pancakes at all but will no doubt have some before too long and they have to be homemade. Slight problem - I am no longer allowed to cook. So my hubby will need to extend his comprehensive chef skills!)