Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Craft club

Wow, it's been ages since I did a posting hasn't it, how rude. Well I'm back, and with great news that I've not just booked a Craft Club this month, but actually have it sorted for the next 3 months!!! Hey, me organised! When does that happen.

Now you've picked yourself up off the floor I'll let you know the dates:

24th May
28th June
26th July

For anyone who hasn't been before the club is held at Jubilee Hall, Wincheap Road, Wincheap, Canterbury. It's on the corner of the road that you turn down to get to Homebase (if that helps!). There is a tiny free car park, a larger pay and display car park - and then of course there is Homebase, who have a big old car park.

The idea of the club is just to get together and craft. Share idea's tips and techniques and put the world to rights. There is a small fee of £2 (I think, it may have been £3 I keep forgetting, but I'll check with the ladies).

We have tea, coffee and biccies, and of course people generally bring things to play with - so if there's a new technique you've learnt then bring it along to share. Or if you have something you've never used and haven't go a clue what to do with it, then similarly bring it along. Not guaranteeing us lot will know - but bet we can come up with some smashing suggestions!

We have a "rent a stamp" box, where there is a small fee to rent a stamp until the next club - the money goes into the club kitty so eventually we will have ooodles of cash to get a demonstrator in or buy supplies.

If you have lots of crafty stuff you no longer use, bring it along to try and sell. All we ask is you put a percentage into the crafty kitty.

I hope that sounds good for those of you who many not have been before - to the regulars then - sorry, taken me ages to sort, but I'm really looking forward to seeing you on Monday.


Ruthie said...

Hey Leoni - I work for Havering Libraries - have you ever considered coming along to us and doing a book signing etc....we have some really active crafting groups in our libraries and crafting is growing! We are also hosting a craft fayre later this year so perhaps you could coincide with that? Yes, I know this is a bit of an odd way to ask you---- but hey, we are Havering Libraries!!! - you would be in good company - we had Jo Brand, Liza Tarbuck and Ann Widdecombe last year - we have Edwina Currie and Martin Bell booked for later this year! Yep could see your name on the bill!


The Taming of the Glue said...

Aaaargh! Just checked the dates for the craft club and can't make the first one. Away at a training day as a demonstrator for a rubberstamp company. Still, at least I'll be crafting!