Sunday 2 May 2010

Skydive Sorted

Gulp, can you believe it, the skydive is but a month away - I'm so excited! There's quite a big group of us doing the jump, so there will be plenty of nerves about - but imagine the buzz after we've done it, brilliant. I'm sure I'll need pushing out of the plane, that's the mega scary bit isn't it.

Obviously I'm hoping to raise loads of money as well, so would appreciate any donations anyone can give. The jump is for and being organised by Exeter Leukaemia Fund.

My fundraising page is:

Thank you to anyone who can help raise some pennies. I will be getting the photo's so will share the experience with you!xxx


Ruthie said...

Wow - would quite like to do a skydive but there's a bit of me that just cant understand the concept of jumping out of a perfectly good plane - would prefer wing walking I think!!!

Heaps of luck - itll be a blast!

Joanne said...

Good luck Leonie, don't forget to wear your 'lady nappy'!!!!!! LOL

SpookysCraftyMess said...

hi Leonie, you will be fine,my Son is a Parachute instructor for UK parachuting and takes some of the photos but also does the teaching,which dropzone/aerport are you jumping from? I'm sure you will get addicted to the buzzzz.hugs Barbara xx

Chrissie said...

Good Luck Leonie, You are far braver than me. Hope you have fair weather and a soft landing lol

Hugs Chrissie xx

Julie C said...

Good luck Leonie. I live near Exeter and will come and cheer you on if spectators are allowed! Julie

Rouge Noir said...

good luck, have yo admit I am too much of a chicken to sky dive but I hope it all goes wonderfully for you
gothclur aus

Papercraft By Carole said...

Hi Leonie
I did a skydive for my 40th birthday. Was absolutely brilliant!! You'll love it.

jordiegirl said...

Best of luck with the skydive. I'm too chicken to attempt it myself.

Are there any of the other presenters from C&C doing it?

jordiegirl said...

Hi Leonie

I've just been watching you present the Xyron Creatopia. I saw this when it was first brought to us but I am pleased to see they now do embossing to go right across the page, which is what I thought was needed when I first watched.

I wonder if you can tell me whether it cuts heavy weight card. I have paper cutters but they never seem to cut card too well. Any suggestions if this doesn't cut really thick card, I'm talking 285 - 300 gsm. Thanks.