Sunday, 28 October 2012

Dabble day....

Wow, what a day. Marvellous. If you have the opportunity to go to the next one, get yourself booked on, they are organised by Kim Sutton, and I can honestly say it ran so smoothly and professionally it was a joy to attend.

First I need to say thank you to Kim and her team.  The demonstators were looked after so well, we had constant drinks supplied (which trust me, a lot of organisers don't bother to do - even though you are talking constantly), they made sure we were fed at half time (again, a lot of organisers don't care if you are running on empty), and even offered breakfast, as I actually got there on time!!  When you are looked after properly it really makes you feel as though your work is actually valued, so thank you so much Kim and Co if you are reading.

Secondly, well done on the organisation.  Kim has been running these for many a moon, and she has managed to get it perfect.  There were 6 demonstrators, and each of us had a table of approx 14 people. We taught for 45mins, then our tables moved round.  We repeated our card, which meant everyone got to make 6 different projects.  It was fun, didn't feel manic, busy without being hectic.  Obviously the people were great, of course....crafters unite!!  It was lovely to meet many new people - and see some very familiar faces (I'll let the pictures speak for themselves....Helen and co!!).

I managed to remember to take a few pics, but not as many as I planned, as usual, but here's a few happy crafters:


Linda Simpson said...

Leonie it looks like you had a fabulous time. Looking forward to seeing you at the NEC

Linda xxxx

Talk to the Tail said...

Everybody had a great time by the looks of it Leoni and I LOVE the last photo LOL ;0)

Carole Z said...

Hi Leonie, looks like you had a great the photos,especially the last one! Carole Z X

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie

Glad you had a enjoyable day yesterday . . . it really was a fabulous weekend. My mum & I had a great time and I agree with you that the whole event was well organised. It was really great to meet you and enjoy one of the workshops with you! Keep up the great work! Best wishes, Sarah :)

crafty coleman said...

Hi Leonie, Looks like everyone had a great day, well jell wish I was there as you always look like your having fun all the time wish I had your Job, keep up all your hard work keeping me laughing, Crafty Hugs xxxxx Mary