Thursday, 6 December 2012

Blue sky around the corner!!

EEEkkk, here comes the blue sky!!  Peaking from around the cloud, the sky is clearing, ready for the weekend and our trip up to the top of the Island to Cape Reinga.  Looking forward to our first mini road trip!  Loads to see.  I'm then gonna drag Jenny round all the art shops we passed today in Kerikeri.

It's sunny folks, hooray for sun in December!  I could live with this kinda Christmas.


hotpotato said...

we've got snow here in Suffolk Uk.

Ann said...

we have snow in Darwen Lancs. Dont forget to seek out those unusual crafty bits. Remember Jen from Topaz I think? x

AnneRD said...

Hi Leonie
Great to read you commentary on your NZ visit; its such a great country. Will be expecting a photograph of you abseiling down the Sky Tower in Auckland! Anne