Friday, 1 March 2013

Getting ready for Monday

Monday, I'm back home, up north, and demoing. I'll be with Anne Marie and the gang at inspirations (by Cardcraft plus), in Preston. I am going to be working with the new paints from pinflair, which I have been prepping (any dirty nails on air in the next couple of days will be down to this!!). They are lovely, and glide over the paper. Obviously, we couldn't just use paper, here's a mirror I have finished - using the paints to stamp/colour and tint, and the glitter paints to stamp on glass and colour tint!

Hope you can visit in store on Monday.

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Unknown said...

These look lush Leonie !! Will they be coming to C and C or your shop? Wish I could be there, but too far away down here in Kent..!! right... off to find you on Youtube xx