Sunday 24 November 2013

Christmas here we come!!

I can always tell Christmas is really on it's way when everyone slaps on a nightie, rollers and lippy...I say everyone, I just mean Dave! Haha. I'm not letting to much away as yet, all I'll say is wait for the new Christmas video, it should be a bit of a giggle.

I'm gonna pop on my hours for next week, hope you can tune in:

Wednesday: 8am needlecraft
10am tonic
1pm tonic
3pm surprise :)

8am surprise
10am needlecraft
11am tonic

8am papercraft
10am Papercraft
12pm POW

Saturday 1pm POW
4pm surprise
6pm Papercrsft
7pm surprise

2pm Papercrsft
4pm pow
6pm POW
7pm papercraft


Fab said...

Bless his tiny socks ! LOL

Unknown said...

This is not a good look Dave...and why have you got two dead hedgehogs on your feet?