Monday 25 November 2013

Frosty days - and home visits

Evening all. Well, what a marvellous morning we were treated to today, it was nice and crispy - with the leaves looking like they have been outlined with a quickie glue pen and dusted with iridescent glitter. Love it. The dogs were pretty happy with it as well.

Managed to get lots done today, visited gran, met up with one of my buddies for a natter, dress fitting for the bridesmaid dresses, and now it's finish the bags for maz, and get her tags designed. Serif, thank god for serif!! Last minute panics just don't need to happen if you have this little beauty on your computer!! 

The little town I was born and bred in seems to be getting worse. The shops are pretty pathetic, and so many look so mucky and run down. It's such a shame. There are a few really trying though, so tomoz I recon I should help support them and buy some new clothes!! Damn fine excuse to shop.

Right, tag and bag time. I'll share a photo of our lovely walk :)

Cheeky dog!!!

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JJ said...

Looks a lovely walk Leonie, your dog looks fab, such a beautiful chappie.

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx