Thursday, 8 May 2014

Ribbon flowers

I'm obsessed with ribbon. I own tonns of the stuff. And will never have enough! It's okay though, it's a very versatile product, so I know I will use the mountains of stash - eventually.

I decided to share one of the projects I wrote for Cardmaking and papercrafts. I like to share them as sometimes you don't get to see the photos in detail. However, the instructions will be in the magazine.

I wanted to use ribbon as my focal point. I picked beautiful grosgrain stripe ribbon as a centre piece on my card, teamed up with a lovely die and sentiment, nothing else is required.

The second sample was made using the fantastic luxury silky crush ribbon. It's soft and pliable, so perfect for making beautiful roses. Because it is so light weight all I simply needed was a little red double sided tape. The rose colour is perfect.

Last, but not least. Spots and more spots. Again, simple strong double sided tape holds the loops of ribbon in place. I began with the white dotty ribbon, followed by reversible red dotty ribbon. In the centre I placed a sentiment and a wonderful, delicate die.

Ribbon is affordable, beautiful and readily available. How's your ribbon mountain?


Kathryn said...

Hi Leonie Lovely ribbon flowers. I'm still practicing mine (after Bridlington). I've been on a rag rugging workshop since, signed up to do another jewellery course (Leeds College of Art) and I've started a crafty blog. Think I've gone a bit craft bonkers :) Hope you're well and happy

Loopygigglebuns said...

I am loving these cards. So simple yet classy and eye catching.

Myra said...

Hi Leonie,
I'm a bit new to this!Got really weird split screen! If this makes sense it's a bonus.i love your ribbon tecniques -do I have a few ribbons? I have yards of the stuff ! I just can't resist ribbon! It's a weakness! But hey it could be lots worse!
I love your ribbon examples! Thanks for the inspiration !
Keep up the good work!
Love Myra

Anonymous said...

Hello Leonie. LOVE the ribbon roses and their leaves! Great technique and an amazing end result. I shall have to practise this as I so want to be able to do this.

Ribbons ... do I have much? I'm drowning in it! And what's worse is that I can't stop buying it. I'm like a little ribbon magpie. My favourite is rayon seam binding. It's so delicate looking and I adore that crushed look which it has.

I'm off to the shops to see if I can buy the magazine which will teach me how to make those roses! Fingers crossed that they have it in stock.

Great post Leonie. Thank you so much for sharing these types of things. xxx

Sylvie said...

Love those ribbon roses Leonie Hugs Sylvie xx