Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Sunshine and zombie bears

Evening crafters. Loving the sunshine, how nice is it to actually feel the summer sneaking on in! Amazing. I've had a lovely few days as well. Yesterday Kathryn and myself had a brilliant spa day. I absolutely loved it. The treatments were brilliant - I picked it just for the mud, if the truth be known, which was really funny (and my skin did actually feel nice as well!).

I got home and made my zombie bear! Had to do a zombie bear....I mean, who doesn't want a moulding, bloody, and mad zombie bear! I also decorated a watch and a stripey monkey. All in the name of work. It was fun actually.

And then today, another lovely day. Myself and Alice had a walk in the sun with the hairy kids, saw lots if baby birds from ducks, swans and geese. Followed the rules of "sunshine = pints", then had a very lush selection of nibbles. New obsession - fruit in my salad. Looks pretty and tastes damn good as well!

I'll share some pics for you...prepare for scary birds and mud - 


Jeanette Butler said...

Love your photos. What a fab day! I've had a mud spa too. It's great fun isn't it? I saw the live show and though your zombie bear was so cool...why wouldn't you want a zombie bear? Stripy monkey was fab too. Your fruity salad looks divine. Love walking in the sunshine with hairy kids. No muddy paws either when it's dry!!! Xx

Tracy said...

Sounds like you had a fab day! Spotted your zombie yesterday on C&C, brilliant! x

whyducks said...

Looks like a fantastic day

Sarah Payne said...

What a fab zombie bear! Love it x