Thursday 24 March 2016

Embossing techniques

Hi crafters. 

I thought I'd better try and do some serious catching up - I've been really busy of late, and my poor blog has really suffered.

I did have a know what happens to them!! I was going to photograph my samples for the let Leonie loose shows, and blog them. However, I end up making the sample and then remembering "the plan". Everytime. Or I'll take a photo of the first step, and then forget! Obviously enjoying myself to much and just getting caught up in the crafty moment.

Instead, I will share some of the makes and try and explain the techniques. If you have any questions, I will read the comments and try to help.

I'm so happy I have tried this technique brought to us by the talented Fran. 

She uses an electric pan, which essentially acts like a very large melt pot. This means you have lots of space, so can do larger pieces.  

I worked on a piece of mount board, as this will withstand the heat and the layers you are going to add. Pop a piece of heat resistant craft sheet directly in the pan, and then your mount board.

Add a layer of ultra thick clear embossing powder onto your card, and allow it to melt - if you pop the cover on the pan it will melt quicker with the intensity of the heat.

Once it has fully melted, start adding colour. Work down from the top, so I went for blues, and then into greens for the grass .

Whilst all this is taking place, on a separate piece of heat resistant craft sheet melt "puddles" of embossing powder. These will be your flowers. Remove the puddles from the pan and allow them to cool, and then add them onto your scene. How cool is that! Do check out Frans book for more wonderful ideas.

This was my spring time creation, using little scraps of embossing powder for my flowers! Really love it, and it's certainly something I wouldn't have thought of myself, but will definitely experiment.


trent999 said...

Lovely to see your new post. We will all forgive you and know you have been ultra busy. Lovely techniques. The show was excellent, I need a big skillet, have the melt pot but would love to do larger projects now.

Jean said...

I loved yesterday's shows, Leonie and I'm hoping to try some of your ideas in the near future (I need to use the things I've bought recently before I can justify buying anything new.) I've recorded your shows and will keep them so that I can refer to them but I'm wondering if the products you were using yesterday will still be available on Hochanda in the future? I do hope so.

Thanks for all the effort and knowledge you put into 'Let Leonie Loose'. I've admired some of the techniques you showed yesterday for years but, thanks to the clear and unhurried way you demonstrated them, it's only now that I feel that I might be able to do them. Jean Williams.

Furry Log and Badger said...

Oh Leoni - you are a breath of fresh air - I loved both of the shows and love your honesty when you go off plan. I have recorded all the shows so far, and purchased lots of goodies, so hoping to make use of them this weekend as our guests have cancelled on us - so 4 days of.....CRAFTING!!!! thanks for all your encouragement and inspiration xx

Linda Simpson said...

WOW these are amazing and great description too.
Linda xxx

Welsh Dors said...

Hi Leonie,
Thanks for another excellent show. Love your style, relaxed, informative and honest. Hope the "Let Leonie Loose" shows continue now that Hochanda is giving so much air time to Crafters Companion.

Unknown said...

Loved your shows and am itching to have a go at some of the things you showed. It's your enthusiasm and willingness to have a go, even though you're on live tv, that takes everyone along with you. I think you know your audience well too and interact with us as though we are your friends. (I really feel as though as I am now. If we ever meet, you'll think I'm mad!)
I'm off to look for an electric pan now before trying to buy all the powders and the book!
Hope next week's shows don't have too many new products or I'll be bankrupt.
Love Jan x

Anonymous said...

Fabulous, gutted missed the show 😩

Penny Butler said...

I watched Fran's shows with you and was blown away by this technique, I'm so glad you included it in your shows Leonie! I'd never seen this technique before, I shall certainly be trying this myself soon! You seem to be enjoying yourself on Hochanda, it's good to see you back on t.v :)


joyce said...
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joyce said...
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Gerry Walker said...

Beautiful . I love the look of movement. Also, I see can-can dancers skirts, or is it just me. Every time I look , see something. It's got atmosphere. Keep bringing more ideas please.

Artmadnana said...

I love watching your shows Leonie. You are so talented. I'm really glad that Hochanda give you two hours. You are a great addition to the channel. said...

Hi Leonie.
Thank you so much for all your brilliant ideas.
You are such a pleasure to watch, I hope you all have a lovely Easter.
Take care and have fun Kitty.

nancyd said...

Hi Leonie, fabulous creations watched your shows and laughed all the way through what with your wonky pan and keep getting diverted by something else as we all do when crafting hope you keep them coming as we all love them.
Nancyd xx

A Happercrafter6 said...

Hi Leonie. What you showed on Wednesday was amazing - you are so artistic. Such different ideas and they all look wonderful. I especially liked the lady, but all these you have on the blog look great too.

carol edwards said...

Great show Leoni and fabulous techniques too. You do have a great way of explaining things. Did wonder about the mount board and where to get hold of it from x

Dawn R said...

Leonie, are you going to put on the seascape that you made and how to do that? I thought it was gorgeous! Thank you xx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Leonie, Fran is a genius, I am in awe at what she creates, you have mastered this technique beautifully, these samples are fabulous, you have definitely got the 'eye'. I would love, love, love, to be able to do these techniques, I have a melt pot but have hardly used it.
Happy Easter.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

hollyberry said...

Loved your show and all the techniques you showed us. The examples on here are gorgeous. I particularly like the last one made with your scraps. It reminds me of some very famous paintings! So beautiful.

Littlelamb said...

Still watching the shows but love what you have done. Must get back and watch some more.

Myra said...

Hello Leonie,
Again terrific shows and techniques clearly explained! Thank you so much! I haven't used the melt pot in ages! Didn't know it was no longer produced. Your large pan made a lot more sense actually!
Have a lovely Easter! Xxx

Birdy said...

Thoroughly enjoy your shows, but especially your recent show with the Fran Seiford products. Will the videos be uploaded to YouTube or will they stay on Hochanda for a long time yet?