Friday 25 March 2016

More embossing techniques

Hi crafters, and happy Easter. I hope you are all having a lovely Easter Friday. I'm in Hochanda today, and it's a really lovely day. Very chilled and everyone seems in good spirits.

I wanted to share a couple more makes from my let Leonie loose show - and again if you have any questions let me know, and I'll do my best to answer you.

Moulds. I've always loved using moulds, which was really easy if you are lucky enough to own a melt pot, but if you don't, how do we melt the power.

You can use a pie tie, melting the powder in the tin and then pouring. Make sure it's really clean, as I found the oil seemed to seep out of no where! I did find, however, using my electric pan allowed me to pop the mould directly into the pan, and then just sprinkle my powder into the mould. The colours I wanted to see I sprinkled first, and then filled the mould with clear embossing powder. You can use silicone cake tins, blank jewelley findings, you can embed things in them. Try beads, mdf elements, sequins, micro beads. If you dust your mould first with mica powder you'll get a fantastic sheen - and you can work a little gilding wax over the top when the embossing powder has cooled down. Stunning. And the result is always different.

Some moulds have been designed so you can pop wire into the mould which will then imbed into the embossing powder when it melts - these are perfect for jewellery.

Love the results!! Dig out all your powders and have a play :) 


Linda Simpson said...

WOW! Amazing!
Linda xxx

Paper Art Memories said...

Love this technique I'm lucky enough to have a melt pot x

Unknown said...

Would love to have a go at this. Inspirational demos and samples, Leonie. Thank you

Sandma's Handmade Cards said...

This is really striking and the colours are gorgeous. It's been great having you back crafting with us on telly and I'm so glad that they've given you the freedom to play and get creative. Hochanda is like a breath of fresh air. Wishing you a very Happy Easter and lots of happy crafting (And chocolate) :) x

hollyberry said...

Gorgeous examples of what you did on your show. Thank you for sharing.

nancyd said...

Hi Leonie, love your Wednesday shows they are fabulous I have a melt pot and not used it for ages I heard you say they don't do them now wondered why we never saw( can't remember her name now but you know who I mean it's an age thing it will bug me now) any more demoing with it as I used to look forward to her shows so am glad you are doing the altered art as I love it, looking forward to a lot more from you in the future. Hope you have a fantastic Easter.
Nancyd xx said...

Hi Leonie.
Great techniques Thank you.
Nancyd, I think you are thinking of Hels sheriden another brilliant Lady we don't hear of now.
I hope I have her name right.Take care all and have a crafty weekend Kitty.

nancyd said...

Remembered Hels Sheridan.
Nancyd xx

whyducks said...