Saturday, 5 November 2016

Design Team......give a warm welcome to the lovely Claire

My design team is made up of a very talented bunch....and I'm happy to say Claire isn't just crafty, but she's also a brilliant director at Hochanda!  Here's a little more about our Claire:

 Claire has a crafty Facebook page that she posts her crafty activities to:

 First, please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into crafting?
I'm Claire. 28 from Kent originally, now living in Peterborough. I'm currently working as a Trainee Studio Director at Hochanda with the lovely Leonie. I started crafting when I was really young with papercraft. Making cards for people's birthdays, the usual kid crafting. I slowly learned more and more as my Nan opened up a craft shop and got into different crafts like needlework. This slowed down a little as I was busy with my education for a few years, but I got a job working at Create and Craft and got back into the crafting world learning from the shows and offen spending too much of my paycheck on new crafty goodies. I'm now at Hochanda doing much the same but with more spare time now to get the crafty juices going again. 

Have you got a favourite craft, or do you like doing a little bit of everything?
I really do like a little bit of everything. I'll often walk into my craft room and see what takes my fancy that day or even get sudden inspiration to make something and end up forgetting what I was doing. I'm going through a sewing phase at the moment. 

What's the most rewarding thing about crafting for you?
The look on the persons face when you hand them something you've made. They realise you've taken the time out of your day to make something unique for them. That's the best gift you can give and receive. 

Have you ever sold your craft work?
I did a few commission pieces, but mostly I just craft for fun or gifts.

Finally, what crafting tool could you not do without?
Ooo that's a tough one! I think it would be my fineline sharpie. Good for drawing on your own designs, filling in any gaps you've missed stamping and then of course filling out the inside of the card to send off. 

Watch out for Claire's lovely creations, and check her facebook page out as well :)


Wendy L said...

How nice to see the team behind the cameras, I think I saw her at Ally Pally, xxxx

Patricia Howarth said...

Hi Leonie, A great post, lovely to hear all about Claire, and a big Welcome to your DT. I'm looking forward to Claire's creations.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Linda Simpson said...

Lovely to meet you and hear all about you Claire. Thanks for sharing Leonie.
Linda xxx

Leonie pujol said...

Thank you ladies, I can't wait to see what Claire makes - I'll be sharing her creations with you :) xx

Diane said...

Good luck Clare, have lots of fun and look forward to seeing what you ceate :-)..... Love the hat....and cake !!!!