Thursday, 24 November 2016

Efcolor Low Heat/Cold enameling - Let Leonie Loose

I had a wonderful day yesterday with my wonderful Efcolor cold enameling show.  It's so addictive, and FUN.  And the results feel and look so professional.

The wonderful thing about it is the small little oven you need to melt the enamel powder.  This isn't the high melt enamel powder made from glass, this is low melt and made from resin - so is harder than embossing powder, which is why it's perfect for jewellery pieces, and it looks really good!

And look, enamel paper flowers!  How cool are these.  Simply cover both sides with the enamel powder, and melt.  Adding different colours in layers, and melting each time.  The enamel powder holds the micro beads, and it will also hold swarovski crystals.  Make sure you use the right crystals, as you don't want anything melting in the oven.

This next piece is stunning, and easy.  Melt a layer of black and let cool.  Add a little versamark ink to the piece and stick gold leaf in place.  Now cover with transparent powder, this will encase the gold leaf and protect it.

This next one is great for a book cover, or for framing.  I melted a layer of pink in the centre and silver glitter at the top and bottom.  Let this cool, and then use a mask and sprinkle over white enamel powder - dusting it lighter as you move out to the edge

Use your die cuts to create patterns!

When the powder is hot, you can manipulate it, and swirl it.  How pretty is this!

Mine are only pieces I've played with - but you need to check out the incredible work created by Fiona, she is fantastic.  Have a look at her web site:
to see loads of wonderful idea's....such as the following


Patricia Howarth said...

Morning Leonie, Wow !! these are gorgeous.
Lots of love from Patricia xx

Anonymous said...

I've not seen this before so this is a new to me craft. I missed the show, but seeing how much fun you've had has made me wish I'd seen it. I'll have to watch out for it, because I'd like to know more about it, and seeing it in use let's a watcher know far more than reading a description on a website.

GREAT results. I can see myself decorating flowers, and also bit's of metal - such as some of the big washers I have in my craft room. I'd love to make them into enamelled pendants. Oooooo, SO wishing that I'd seen the programme.

Thanks for the share of your projects Leonie.
~ Cobs (my blog: The Cobweborium Emporium)