Saturday, 24 March 2018

More from the NEC....gelli plate prints

I promised I’d share some of my makes whilst I was at the NEC, so here we are. I took along my trusty gelli plate. Utterly addicted. I demoed each day, so didn’t finish many pieces, I mainly just showed how to get basic prints...and essentially had a lovely time playing!

I used the gelli plate from Clarity, together with a combination of paints. Use fluid acrylics, which don’t dry to quickly on the plate, for the best prints, the ones I had in my stash were eco paints, pebeo and viva decor. The stamps in my drawer for the weekend were Clarity, Studio 490 and (may go without saying) Carabelle. I also used  some masks from Clarity. 

I love working with the gelli plate as each time you can create something completely different. It’s so experimental, and allows you to explore countless possibilities. This time I also played with my distress oxides on my plate, which work a treat. I even used my distress ink sprays. Very cool indeed. Here’s a few of the prints I made....there’s loads more, but figured that would take 3 days to loads!

My big thing at the moment is trying to stop using baby wipes. They are so bad for the environment as they contain plastic. And they are completely not necessary. The print above is actually made from a background created from cleaning my brayed, and overstampled with a peacock feather stamp, which was actually me cleaning my stamp! 

Instead of baby wipes, try rice paper. This is absorbent, but also quite strong, and you can use it for fantastic layers. The above print shows a piece of rice paper which as been used to clean my stamps, my craft mat, even my gel plate. I then stamped on it and glued it to my print. I love the transparency of the rice paper, which allows you to see the print below. I also love the texture it gives. 

I will definitely be doing another gelli print demonstration when I come to the Ally Pally next month, I hope you can join us there.

In the meantime, if you want to come and spend a day crafting with me, please have a look at the workshop dates, as there are still places left.

Have a lovely weekend folks xxxx


Unknown said...

Ordered my tickets yesterday and been looking at YouTube videos of how to make my own plate!! Haven't done any printing since your eastbourne workshop. Guess who I'm watching at Ally Pally. See you there I hope. Hope there will be some Carabelle goodies there! Beautiful samples Leoni

David Kirk said...

Beautiful selection Leonie. I've just adopted your rice paper clean up technique. One tip, don't mop up glue with it!! Bought my first gelli plate at NEC but not got around to using it yet.xx

Littlelamb said...

Love all these prints. Thank you for sharing them. Will look out for you at Ally Pally.

Unknown said...

I've booked in for you workshop on July 8th, really looking forward to it šŸ˜Š Also hoping to get to Kent Show ground in May, hope to catch your demos there?

Unknown said...

Leonie I was lucky enough to sit watching you for 2 hours at the NEC last week and I was just amazed by the gelli plate and the demos you did whilst we was there,we was a like group of fairly quiet children with storytime with mother :-)

I was so impressed I went and bought shares in Clairty (Ok I lie) but I bought the full collection of gelli plates and the complete set of distress oxides.

Thank you for your demo and for being sooooo down to earth

Love Nigel x

Tracy Welham said...

These are wonderful Leonie! I love the patterns you can get from cleaning off your stamps and tools. The sentiments on these are great too. I'm trying to stop using baby wipes too, I have a faux chamois leather to clean off my stamps but also keep my journal to hand so I can wipe off paint, etc on pages to make backgrounds. Creative Blessings, Tracy x

Happi-Ness Cards said...

Unfortunately I'm unable to get to Ally Pally as. too far away - do u do any tutorials on UTube, I've recently been watching some of your uploads from a few years ago, demos on stamping and blending techniques. I'd love to learn more on Gelli plates what is best to use and how to start off etc xxx your amazing, very talented and I tend to spend more time laughing along with you on Hochanda when u get the giggles it's just so funny xx keep up the hard work it's appreciated by all us crafters xx