Wednesday 9 May 2018

Joint workshop - success!

Summer finally hit us! Thankfully we didn’t get any sunburn, as Mandy and myself were tucked away running workshops - first we trotted up to Guildford, and then Sunday we had our first joint workshop in Rottingdean. I’m pleased as punch to say they were a great success. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and the finished samples were fantastic.

Our hall in Guildford was lovely. It was originally a work house, so has quite a lot of history attached to it. Now it’s a wonderful venue, with light airy rooms. Perfect for a rather warm crafty day! I was lapse with the photos this time, and forgot to take pics of everyone’s creations, but I managed to get a few, along with the group photo...of course! 

Our second workshop on the Sunday, took us to our local haunt of Rottingdean. It was our first split workshop, in the morning the talented Anne taught us a little Zentangle. I loved it. Really relaxing, and the possibilities are enormous. Anne will be doing more workshops in Rottingdean, so please watch out for them, they’re definitely worth attending.

The mood changed for the afternoon, from chilled and me! The project did take a little longer than expected, but I was so pleased with everyone’s results,  they looked amazing. I didn’t get as many photos as I wanted, but here’s a few to show you the project we managed to finish! 

We have another joint workshop coming up, and a few places left, so please book soon if you like the look of the project...I better share the photos then eh 😄

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