Friday 11 May 2018

(Backup) Next workshops

Where are we off next then. I look at my calendar and have a little rush of panic as I realise what we have got planned, and the time to prep these things. 

Workshop wise, the next one of the 16th june. This is going to be a joint workshop with a lovely lady called fact, let me introduce Angela.....

“Hi I’m Angela and I’ve been crafting since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I started with sewing and knitting, moving to cross stitch and almost 15 years ago I started scrapbooking and papercraft. More recently I started working with mixed media and this year acrylic paint pouring. I love crafting and am lucky to be able to share this passion with others teaching monthly and quarterly workshops. These started at home over five years ago and are now run in village halls in Dorset, Somerset and Berkshire. What I love about the workshops is that the groups are so open to sharing and we all learn something new each month. I particularly like how everyone interprets the projects in their own way.

I’ve attached a photo of what I’m going to do. It uses pre-cut shapes, paints, ink, and stamps. I will ask for those joining us to bring some things with them, though I do plan on including some stamps.”

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