Thursday 24 September 2009

QVC cards and MacMillan

Well, tonight's the night. Not got a clue how many people will turn up - it could be just me Kathryn, Carley and Viv eating all the cakes (and drinking all the vino). Hope not. Anyhow, got some raffle prizes ready, sorted the make and take cards (hope I remember to pack my Slice, otherwise that could be a dilemma). I just hope we raise more money than we spend, haha.

If you are planning to join us just scroll down to the previous posting for the details.

Had a great evening after the show on Tuesday - had a good show as well, right old laugh with Jules. We met Paula, then her hubby Omar, but got turned away from the BBC Television place. They had issued way to many tickets and had full capacity with 50 already on the waiting list. Isn't that disgusting, why give out so many tickets. So annoying, and so unfair for anyone who had come in especially (like Paula actually). Anyhow, we had food and a chat so still had a lovely evening.

Now, just popping on one card from one of the kits I had on on Tuesday. This one has been made just using circle punches to build up your card. It's nice and easy. Just punch out different size circles and build them up to create your card. It's important you have a good base, so big circles at the bottom.

I used the button kit for my embellishments, and the paper kit. I punched out the circles from the paper and matted them onto card circles to give them weight and stability.

More cards to come throughout the week.


Vince B said...

Thank you again for a great evening Leonie it was so nice to meet you, Fab had a briliant time too.
Hope you managed to raise some lovely moola.
Vince X

Fab said...

Hi Leonie, just wanted to say thank you for a lovely evening. I had a great time and you can see my post about in on my blog I put nearly all the pictures I took. I saw on Carley's blog you raised 200 quid (just told Vince) so well done ! Once you get those workshop ups for Greenwhich, I'll give it a try as it's nearer than Harlow ! LOL Hugz XXX Fab