Thursday, 10 September 2009

Another Quick Post!

Sorry, another quick post! We have been on a short break. It was fab. Went away in the camper, with the doggies, and ended up on the South Downs. The weather was perfect. Did a huge walk (which still didn't tire out the dogs!! It's not fair), chilled out over looking the fabulous landscape. Went to the beach, Nicky had a swim (fool....), whilst me and the dogs looked on. It confuses Dylan when Nicky is in the sea, he just doesn't get it. Even got a bit of History at Battle.

There are so many wonderful places to visit in this country, and having the freedom of the camper means we could just pitch where ever we fancied, and then set off the following day. We were really lucky with our spots, and what a cheap as chips holiday. Tremendous. I was inspired to do a range of stamps, so need to get sketching (forgot our camera though - duhhhh).

Tomorrow I need to fly round all the art museums for my Uni project, then we are visiting Nicky's nan, so no card making, ATC's or ought! How rude. Sorry. Will definitely be back in full flow, as Dawn has a full trend week - so back to full sticky heaven!

Don't worry, have planned my workshop on the 19th, so I will be organised. Paying the deposit for the hall tomorrow, so we will even have somewhere to work! Hooray.

Also, the plans for the MacMillan Coffee and Wine evening are getting there - Carley has managed to get an ad in the paper, so it should be a good turn out. We are going to organise a raffle as well, so I'll have to get begging folk for prezzies!

Okay, need a shower and pack again! Phew.....xxxx

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