Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Christmas lights

Thank you to everyone who sent me get well messages. I did indeed return to full health - it was only a cold but the sore throat was a pain! To celebrate:

Yep, I can eat again. Great.

With my return to health came a obsession to get a Christmas tree - NOW!!

So we did, and it's beautiful. We had a lovely Christmas dinner on Monday, courtesy of Adam, and we all helped decorate the tree.

Real tree! Love it.

Then the oranges began to dry on the radiators and fire:

And look at the fir cone stash I've managed to find, and they're big. They are sticky with sap that smells lovely, but is incredibly sticky - definite contender to beat pinflair!!

Crafting is great at Christmas isn't it. I'm going to make wreaths with the holly and fir tree. Add cinnamon to everything - especially the oranges whilst they're drying, smells divine. I even want to do some sewing. We'll see how all that goes.

Okay, back to slicing oranges before Anne Marie calls and we can go and feed.


Hope and Chances said...

Super idea oranges on the radiator, I've had mine in the airing cupboard and it takes much longer! :)

Leonie pujol said...

I won't take the credit, it was on Joanna sheens forum. I didn't want to put my oven on for hours, so it's a marvellous idea. The fire was even better though, the ones on top of there are almost dry already after just a day!!