Wednesday 16 November 2011

Air dry clay - play!

Okay, thought I'd better post this as I know it's gonna be a long one!

Air dry paper clay. Lightweight. Versatile. Cool.

First I rolled it flat:

Folded it over and rolled again, to sandwich together and get a thicker piece. Cut down to neaten it up, if you wish:

Colour tinting is great. You can do this whilst its wet or dry. You can use a variety if different mediums. Play. I used my new winter distress inks and a stippling sponge to give texture and an uneven look:

Ink up your stamp, and gently push into the clay. Because the clay is fine it will grab the detail of your stamp, so you can go for something quite delicate:

It's a thick piece of clay to remember to colour the edges with matching ink:

Make a smaller embellishment, using the same process:

Remove dog hair!!!

Haha. Okay, you can pick up your ink from your craft mat and paint your clay as you would with paper:

And now assemble. I've added an extra white piece of clay, to break up the pattern so I can effectively mat and layer my pieces. Before gently squishing your pieces together play around with composition:

Toppers! Lightweight for cards or jewellery. Ready to be varnished and glazed!

Use your clay with stamps, moulds, masks and stencils.

Brilliant for beads. I've rolled it with bits of metal leaf, a plastic bag - even burnt it!!

I'm good at burning things, something I manage most evenings when cooking. With this however, much more fun!
You can also sculpt some fabulous flowers, again it dries incredibly lightweight, so large embellishments don't have to weight a tonn (this looked better before I attacked it with the lighter):

I was going to make some finished pieces, but that may have to be tomorrow - bedtime. Have fun with your clay.

Clay, inks and metal flake available on my web site:


Vee said...

Thanks very much for showing this. I bought some air dry clay as I was thinking yeah! no oven! But I keep looking at it and not opening it and now I am trying to do Chrismas stuff (and winter birthdays) but what you have done is so inspirational I will definitely get my hands into the clay sometimes soon. Thanks again
Vee x

Vee said...

PS I am in love with the winter distress inks!
Vee x

Soo said...

Thanks! I'm in love with air dry clay. A bit like my obsession with ink though I just keep making 'bits' that pile up. One day they'll become cards. One day.

Anonymous said...

That dog has been spending way too long using the Big Impression, did you put him to work? Poor thing is worn out! Looks like you even made him tidy up after and put it back in the box and then you have the cheek to complain about his dog hair, shame on you!!;)