Wednesday 4 September 2013

A bag full of potions!

In my last post I decorated a candle (which I forgot to add I took bag home and lite - without any bits falling off!!). On air I got chance to decorate a bag.  This is a great way of recycling, you can change a bag you have received - or pick up some cheap blank bags ready to decorate.  I love doing things like this, as they are really handy, but look brilliant.

As I was doing this one live I only decorated one side - if I had been giving this away it would definitely have both sides finished.  I simply layered my papers down first, using a plain orange, and then the cogs paper.  I used some of the line paper to pop on a border at the top and bottom of the paper.  Choose two of your favourite postcards and mat and layer them onto orange card so they stand out when placed onto the decorative paper.  I love the two I picked for this one - the lucky spells can be written on, so you can make up your own spell which reflects the contents of the bag.  Dr. Dreadfull is fantastic, so he was a must!

I finished the bag with the ribbon.  I used a piece of wire to clinch the centre of the ribbon, so it was neat and avoided a bulky knot.  I used one of the chip board pieces to sit in the centre of the ribbon, and again would have given this a glaze with my glossy accents given the time! Once steampunk label and viola - your own bag of wonders and delights.

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