Thursday 5 September 2013

Double, double, toil and trouble......

Sorry, I'll apologise for my picture quality on this one....bit dodgy.  But to make up for it, we have the lovely Dean!!  Hooray. The last Graphic 45 for the mo, this was one made during the show as well, so a quick and easy card.  I decided what part of the double double paper I wanted to keep in my frame, and used the lattice die to cut it out - inking around the edges of the die whilst it was still in place to emphasise the detail.  The rest was so so simple.  Mat and layer your papers, and use the fantastic pad for your toppers.  I again used the really beautiful satin stripe ribbon that I have on my web site to add a touch of class at the top corner, finished off with the chipboard skull and bones.  

Easy peasy.  We then have our Dean modelling the card :)

We also have a picture of Matt in a fetching all in one number for his birthday (nice Matt, nice).  And Jack hiding behind the camera!  There's then one of me and the dirty floor before it was all changed in studio 2.


fabulous fiona said...

Lovely card. It is good to see behind the scenes of create and craft.

Anonymous said...

Hi Leonie
Great card, I love it!
It's funny - you don't think the studio is quite that huge when you're watching c&c on TV!

Great picture of Dean! He always manages to make me smile even on my low days. 😊

Hoping to see you both at the NEC in November?

Do you know if you're going yet? I'll keep my fingers xd for you both to come!

Best wishes from katielou sweetlove