Friday, 10 January 2014

Brother scan and cut part one....

Has disappeared!! You will not believe how gutted I am! I blogged an hour of work and posted it, but it's disappeared. That's really frustrating. I'll have to do a really quick over-view.

In an hour I managed to learn (from the quick start guide), how to set my machine up, load the blade and mat. The guide tells you the blade setting and depth for the material you are cutting.

I found it really easy to get started on the basics. I cut shapes, and then scanned a pre-printed image in which the machine cut for me. The cut was great. One of my images didn't register however, so I need to read my in depth instructions as to why one image from 4 wasn't picked up. 

The quick start instructions will get you cutting and scanning with ease, but then you will want to pop your cd into your computer to see the full instruction booklet. 

I'm so sorry, my first posting had loads of photos :( ah well.

For more ideas, information and great detailed demos join myself and Mel for the launch of the brother machine on Crete and craft, Saturday, 2pm.

Ahh, one more thing, this machine is incredibly light. That's such a bonus as it really does make it handy to take to classes, your crafty friends house, or to simply pack away at the end of your crafty day.


whyducks said...

Oh thanks this is helpful report.

whyducks said...

Oh thanks this is helpful report.