Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Easy envelopes with your brother scan and cut

Evening crafters, in the middle is my cleaning sprea, I decided to interrupt the dull hoovering to just have a quick go at something I was thinking about when I should have been sleeping.

Now, this is very easy and obvious, so I know a lot of you out there will have already done this - but for those of you a little bit like me, plodding along with their new toy, then this is for you.

Envelopes. Ridiculously easy with the brother scan and cut. Simple take an existing envelope, place it on your mat and scan, using the save data option. Save to your brother or USB stick thing.

Now fully open out the envelope - making sure you don't leave torn strands of the envelope poking out, otherwise it will scan these as well. Scan and save:

That's it, you now have an envelope and an insert for really posh envelopes!!

All you need to do now is choose your paper, bring up your saved template, make sure it's only picked up the scan lines (delete any you don't need) and then cut. For the insert,  simply reduce the size a little so it'll fit neatly into your envelope:

Posh envelope!!

Because you are using your brother, if you have the pens, you would be able to write on the envelope! You would also be able to cut a fancy top flap using one of the borders already installed on your machine.

And, you could even scan a scrap of paper, the same size of your card, and see if the envelopes you have stored will fit your card, before you need to start cutting. This means you would be able to alter the envelopes size so it will fit the actual card you have made. As long as it fits on your cutting mat, then your envelopes should be nice and easy from now on :)


Diane said...

Great idea......no I just need my machine to arrive. I am not known for being very patient at the best of times....this is driving me mad!!!!,

Naomi said...

I've just ordered mine today, 10/02/14 can't come quick enough I've got wedding invites too do

Scrapcat 1 said...

oooh I think I need this.....onlu trouble is my birthday isn't untilt he end of the year, don't know if I can last that long !

CraftingMum said...

I would love one of these, what a fantastic idea!
But i know i won't get one as am a stay at home mom, and not earning a 'salary' stops me getting the expensive items i would like!!!!

Unknown said...

I have the cricut with lots of cartridges, my husband is not convinced that I should spend another £400 when I've already spent more than that on the cricut and cartridges, I need more time to work on him, fingers crossed lol.

Unknown said...

Another brilliant idea. Roll on 10th Feb :-)

Leonie pujol said...

haha, Diane, I know what you mean. Waiting is rubbish isn't it. The 10th will come round quickly(ish). I agree, craftymum, it is a definite investment. Do you have a craft group you go to? I always think things like this would be great for a craft group for everyone to share, or even "rent" for a week. Sylvia, good luck!! It's tricky, I love my Cameo, and the art work available from Cricut - they all have their place (in our craft room :) )

Turnidus said...

What a great idea - have scanned a couple of envelopes and already used them to make my own. Thank you for the tip. Nicky x